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Yep its that time of year again!  I am opening up for commissions!  I need a little extra cash here and there while I'm out of steady work to help pay for things like possible future issues with my laptop, funds for a new phone (I have had mine since 2012 and poor thing is about to die), and generally some pocket money. 

I'm trying out more commission types this time around too, offering half-body and full-body shots along with the classics from last year. 

Even if you can not commission me I would appreciate it if you spread the word.

Commission Types:


Needles by the-attic-keeperCoR - Scars by the-attic-keeperRaevan Headshot by the-attic-keeperPR - Krow Headshot by Haunted-Attic

  • Unshaded Head-Shot - $6 or 600:points:
  • Hard Shaded Head-Shot - $8 or 800:points:
  • Soft Shaded Head-Shot - $10 or 1000:points:


Snack Time by the-attic-keeperCoR - Little Fire Bug by the-attic-keeperCoR - New Robes by the-attic-keeper CoR - Old Meets New by the-attic-keeperCoR - Jenndragon Raffle Chibi - Darin by the-attic-keeper
  • Unshaded Chibi - $8 or 800:points:
  • Hard Shaded Chibi - $10 or 1000:points:
  • Soft Shaded Chibi - $15 or 1500:points:


CoR - Cyclops by the-attic-keeperCoR - Electric Blue by the-attic-keeperI will be the Chaos -You be the Order by the-attic-keeperCommission - Imprisoned - Aquaria-Moon by the-attic-keeperCommission - Captured By You - Rothkind by the-attic-keeper
  • Unshaded Half-body - $15 or 1500:points:
  • Hard Shaded Half-body - $20 or 2000:points:
  • Soft Shaded Half-body - $25 or 2500:points:
  • Generally these are either from the waist or mid-thigh depending on your preference


Breaktime by the-attic-keeperCoR - Battle Ready by the-attic-keeperCoR - April Fools Damien by the-attic-keeperCoR - Maskless Pestilence by the-attic-keeperCoR - Not Your Usual Santa by the-attic-keeperCoR - Masquerade Costume Contest - Phoenix Ashes by the-attic-keeper
  • Unshaded Full-body - $20 or 2000:points:
  • Hard Shaded Full-body - $30 or 3000:points:
  • Soft Shaded Full-body - $40 or 4000:points:


  • Bold Outline, Simple Colorblock Bg - Free
  • Abstract Background (colorful lines, scribbles, clouds, blobs) - $1 or 100:points:
  • Accessories (books, weapons, magic circles, magic) - $5 or 500:points:
    • Very detailed objects may cost more
  • Added on Characters - 3/4 of original cost
    • (example - Unshaded Chibi: $8 x .75 = $6 for each additional character)
    • character limit of 3 per picture
  • 10% Discount on total commission purchase if you promote/advertise/signal boost this journal

Terms and Conditions:

  • While not required I would love it if paypal users covered the paypal fees, which can be calculated here:
  • I will not draw anthros, animals, mechs because I feel like in the end I would not be able to produce good results due to the lack of experience in those fields.
  • I will draw pretty much everything else under the sun, but please, you must provide reference of the character you wish me to draw.  The reference can be someone else’s artwork, but I will not draw a character from a detailed list of attributes alone.  What you picture in your head can be totally different from what I picture in mine.  
  • I will not draw porn or heavy nudity, please look to my gallery for examples of what I'm comfortable with.

  • I will also not draw fanart. Fan characters and gijinkas are still acceptable but I will not draw licensed works. This means no Sailor Moon, Adventure Time, Fullmetal Alchemist and the list goes on.  If its from a TV show, movie, manga/comic, or any other related material I will not draw it for money.  The only exception to this rule will be for ARPG groups that require points.
  • I will draw weaponry, magic attacks (fireballs for example), magic spells/circles, books, and other accessories but depending on their complexity I may charge an extra small fee (look above under extras).
  • Payments must be upfront and through paypal or dA points, for whatever reason I can no fulfill drawing your commission I will give you a full refund. Commissions above $25/2500:points: may pay half upfront until the initial sketching is finished.
  • I will hold slots for you for a short amount of time (7 days) if you cannot pay right away.  However, people that can pay will get priority and be bumped up the list.  If you do not pay within the time frame given you will be dropped from the list.
  • I also reserve the right to decline your patronage for whatever reason.
  • Most works will try to be done within a week to a month, if it takes a while don’t hesitate to touch base with me, if I feel it will take a while I will message you and tell you the situation.
  • To contact me with a potential commission offer please send me a note through dA (the-attic-keeper) or a comment below.
  • Please do not re-upload your commission anywhere.  You may use it for your own personal enjoyment and link it onto your front page or on tumblr but please give me credit for the work.

Requesting a Commission:

To purchase a commission, I ask that you leave a comment or a PM with the following information:
  • Payment Method: (will you be using the commission widget or paypal? If you use paypal, I will ask for your Paypal e-mail address + Name as it appears in Paypal so I can send you an Invoice)
  • Commissioning: (Tell me the type of commission you'd like, for example head-shot, half-body)
  • Image Reference(s): (At least one good full-body reference is required, but the more the better! Also references to clothing and accessories is nice)
  • Name of character: (Given)
  • Character Info: (Personality, background story, things like that.  Reference sheets from groups are great for this)
  • Other: (What you would like your character or characters to be doing, especially for group pictures. Please do not be too complicated)
  • If you want to commission more than one picture, then simply repeat everything after the first line for each piece!
  • From here, we'll determine the price of the commission and how to go about sending the money/points!

Commission List/Slots: 



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